Start-up High Growth


This exciting start-up was in the online gaming sector and had limited initial funding. The founders’ background was¬†in motor racing and they originally¬†started a company to coach and develop drivers.


An opportunity to extend into online racing presented itself and, in parallel with their traditional motor racing business, the founders started to develop their online concepts.

As the founders had little business experience, Nick was asked to provide guidance. Initially he provided leadership in the establishment of solid business practices and in business strategies for growth.

Subsequently as Chairman, he provided reassurance to investors that the young men who they had funded were creating a company with a viable future.


As Non Executive Director and Chairman of the Board Nick ensured the Directors met frequently, typically monthly or more often as needed.

During the Board Meetings a carefully prepared agenda ensured that key aspects of future strategy were agreed and actionable objectives set. This meant that during the volatile early stages, important milestones were recognised and follow up was ensured.

He created monitoring and control systems and processes to safeguard investors’ cash; in collaboration with an exceptional ‘General Counsel‘ they ensured that suitable contracts were in place to manage the risks and rewards. The objective was to ensure that the equity value in the company would be maximised at a future date when there might be, what is quaintly called, a ‘liquidity event’. At that point, there should be no opportunity for a buyer or investor to renegotiate after doing thorough due diligence.


Although not always welcomed by the founders, the company introduced solid systems to safeguard investors leading to further successful rounds of funding.