Who is Nick

Having sold his own business quite a few years back, Nick has also achieved some remarkable successes during his high-profile roles as Interim CEO with many organisations – such as increasing net profit more than 2.5 times in one organisation to over £1m, in less than 2 years.

His in depth training includes graduating with distinction from Imperial College MBA programme and formal training on business coaching with tools specifically designed for the mid-
tier business sector.

Now Nick guides Founders and Directors of businesses as a non-executive director, chairman, business coach and mentor.

His technical and practical skills of more than 30 years of commercial experience supporting clients in business have created his reputation for simplifying situations and providing genuine knowledge and insight to help resolve even the most complex business problems; grasping issues intuitively and with confidence and adding tangible value to every business he works with.

Here’s what some of this clients have had to say:
“I cannot recommend Nick highly enough. We have been working with Nick for just over a year, and I love how nothing seems to faze him and he takes it all in his step and his calming influence, and knowledgeable nature makes everything seem effortless – and on the plus side – he is an absolute joy to work with.“

“Nick helped give us a more clear direction and shape. The advice was exceptional, but more importantly, the experience of having such sound, measured support really helped our business take things to the next level. Nick is one of our not-so-secret-anymore weapons, and we can’t recommend him enough.”

“Nick proved invaluable in distilling a seemingly complex business model into a logical, compelling and well-structured business proposal. Not only was it effective in winning the investment support required, it has been re-used in various other ways since. Nick is a delightful person to work with, having a gentle, collaborative style but a sharp, piercing intellect. I recommend him highly and look forward to working with him again in future.”

“Nick is a turnaround specialist. He is professional and capable in all his dealings and has an enormous depth of business and people. He has built great coaching skills to compliment his consultancy and mentoring background which assists business owners to transform themselves and their business”
“Nick is a highly structured individual who acted as interim CEO during my tenure as Chairman during a reconstruction of an ISP business. He has the ability to read the figures and their implications as well as produce the numbers himself. He has good people skills and is extremely capable in front of customers as well. He is focused, clear thinking and extremely hard working, and a pleasure to work with.”

“Nick was a very able and intelligent CEO, piloting the company through some difficult times. He always seemed calm and collected, and was available for help and advice. I enjoyed working for him and hope that our paths cross in the future.”

“Nick is a great guy to have around you. He is clear-thinking, goal-focused and able to quickly identify tactical and strategic opportunities that may be missed in the normal day-to-day business of running a company. At Deffinity, we are always grateful for Nick’s calm words of wisdom, and I would be pleased to recommend his services to anyone interested in working with him.”

“The quality that impresses me most about Nick is his wealth of business experience and his ability to break complex things down into bite-sized chunks of information. His attention to detail and customer facing skills are impeccable and he’s the type of guy that rolls his sleeves up and gets the job done. He’s a great guy to know and I would highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for help with their business.”

Nick Winton
phone +44 7776 238 967