How Nick can help you

Every business is different. To make sure you can get the help and support you need for you and your business, within your timescales and your budget; Nick has developed three programmes guaranteed to help you.


With over 20 years’ experience of running companies under pressure, Nick brings a wealth of practical solutions coupled with formal training in business strategy and management.

He has personal experience of resolving problems within his own business and understands the huge dilemma and the emotion that the business owner faces when suffering severe cash flow problems.

For these companies Nick will invest to resolve the immediate problem. He will work with the company to eliminate the causes that led to the difficulties and will collaborate with the owners to develop strategies to restore the company to full profitable and stable growth.


Once the business is on a stable footing, Nick has considerable skills in embedding growth strategies into the company.

For those owners with the ambition to create a valuable business with a view to a future sale he will transform the way the organisation performs.


Every business is sold – one way or another. The only ones that are not sold are family companies handed down to the next generation. So, put another way, it is only a matter of time before your business is sold.

To realise the full value of your enterprise can take many years of planning. Many owners believe that the value in their company is about how much profit they make. Well, that’s a part of it but to achieve really significant return there is another dimension.

As a former Partner with Assay Advisory, Nick has shown many established and successful companies what to do to double the value of their shares – or in some cases even more.