What Nick Does

Often in times of growth, uncertainty or crisis, the leadership get ‘lost in the detail’ and lose sight of those crucial connections between the different parts of the business. They get caught in the trap of managing operations instead of looking at the bigger picture.

Yet seeing the bigger picture is often best achieved from an external perspective; a fresh view that can take in EVERY aspect of the entire organisation without preconception or bias.

When it comes to building businesses, and providing clarity and certainty in this unpredictable and unforgiving business landscape, few come more renowned than Nick Winton.

Specialising in helping mid-sized organisations achieve their objectives through developing their key people, he assists the owners, board directors and senior managers in developing new systems and processes to create growth and manage change.

And make no mistake about it, it works.

Nick works in a variety of ways depending on the organisation and your specific objectives.

 Typically Nick will become involved in one of the following capacities:

  • Chairman
  • Non-executive Director
  • Interim Chief Executive
  • Investor
  • Consultant
  • Business coach
  • Mentor

Engaging Nick will:

  • Improve growth prospects
  • Increase the future equity value of the company
  • Reduce risk by having professional, objective and experienced support
  • Satisfy external stakeholders e.g. bank, outside shareholders, j.v. partners etc

Benefits of Nick as a Non-executive Director/Chairman

1. Strategy: Provides support and guides the Executive Team in the development of effective strategies to achieve the ambitions of key stakeholders.

Develops the top team with relevant training.

2. Width: Brings additional business skills to supplement those of the Executive Team.

3. Depth: Brings specific knowledge or capability in an area that the organisation needs such as specific market or product knowledge, or a technical skill e.g. strategy, finance, HR

4. Independent: Outside the day-to-day operations and politics of the organisation.

This enables objective and honest advice and feedback

5. Compliance: Provides assurance to external stakeholders that the organisation is properly run and in compliance with all relevant obligations

Additional Benefits of Nick Winton as Chairman

6. Context: Keeps Board meetings focused on “the big picture” and what needs to be done rather than getting bogged down in urgent operational problems.

Maintains the vision and focus at the top of the Executive Team.

7. Effectiveness: Ensures Board meetings are valuable and address the right strategic issues.

Develops the strategy skills of the top team.

Nick Winton
+44 7776 238 967