Investors – PE, VC

My role is to safeguard your investment in companies – whether they are start-up or high growth.

Given that you want your investment to grow, you have researched a prospect, done your due diligence and believe it will be a great success.

My role is to:

Safeguard your investment

Provide business skills

Mentor the team

However the people you are investing in may not have enough business knowledge or skills for you to feel your investment is secure. You may not yet be ready to give them complete freedom with your money. They may need guidance, business support, and systems to build the company while they work on the product and getting it to market.

This is where I make the difference.

My clients have valued my knowledge and experience in supporting a management team. By working with them as a Board they have developed systems, controls and acquired the knowledge needed to run the company as well as the business.

You will know there are a safe pair of hands to support your investment on its journey.

You will also know that when you come to sell your stake and the buyer conducts due diligence, you will achieve the maximum value.

Call me today to explore how I can safeguard your investment.

Business Owners

You are building your business and have many ideas of how to make it a success.

You have too much to do and too little time in which to do it.

You may have a vision for a product, a system, or a new solution to a market problem. And often you will be a team with one of you being the ‘customer facing’ specialist and the others being the ‘product’ or ‘technical’ specialists.

What will often be missing from the equation is a ‘business’ specialist.

How to avoid the snakes

Where to find the ladders

It is often assumed is that if the ‘product’ is good and the sales/marketing is good then the profit will flow.

While that may be true for a while there are many traps for the unwary and uninitiated.

Only after a problem emerges and threatens the entire business does it become obvious. I have witnessed so many businesses being destroyed by what was apparently ‘unexpected’.

My role is to support you in growing your company while you grow the business. It will help you achieve your goals more quickly and with fewer problems.

The value is my experience and knowledge helps to support you in creating the success that you know is possible.

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