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About Nick Winton

A short story about Nick’s skills

You will value the way I safeguard your investment in the start-up or high-growth companies that you are funding.

You want your investment to grow. You have researched a project and you believe it will be a great success. Now you are trusting other people with your money to allow them to develop the product or service. It will form the basis for your future RoI.  

However they don’t have the business experience or skills. You are not ready to give them complete freedom with your money. They need guidance, business support, systems and processes to build the company alongside the product. 

Nick safeguards your investment; he brings business skills to start-ups and high growth companies; he ensures that when the future buyer in your investment does their due diligence, your deal is sound

My clients value my knowledge and experience. Some of this comes from formal from training. Some comes from running many companies as CEO, retained by my clients to put right what had gone wrong.

My speciality is working with Boards of Directors (usually the founders) to ensure they collaborate well together, that they are all in agreement, and that they are focusing on the right areas to make sure that the value in the company is secure. These are often things they don’t realise are important until too late. Both investors and founders of high growth companies value my support, my insights and wisdom.

Having sold my own business, some remarkable successes were achieved during high-profile roles as Interim CEO with many organisations.

Also having in depth training from many courses including: graduating ‘with distinction’ from the MBA programme at Imperial College, London; formal training in business coaching with tools specifically designed for the mid-tier business sector; and formal training for the role of Director by the Institute of Directors.

Why me…What can I do for your Investment?

  • I safeguard your investment
  • Bringing business skills
    • to start-ups
    • and to high growth companies

Ensure that when the future buyer of your investment does their due diligence, your deal is sound, there is no discount between ‘doing the deal’ and completion.

Board Effectiveness 75%

→Business Effectiveness 85%

→More Profit 60%

→Greater Equity Value 90%

→Value for Money 100%

Vital Areas for Growth Companies

Worthwhile Board Meetings

Most Board Meetings are wasted opportunities to make a difference. There are 3 critical areas where all owners MUST AGREE.

If they don’t agree there is a high risk that they will discover that they are unable to work with each other leading to the disintegration of the business.

I’ve seen that too often!

To find out what the 3 critical areas are, click here

With guidance, Board Meetings become a valuable asset to help you to run your business and will ensure that, by the end of your journey, all your hard work has paid off.

Strategies that Work

There are 7 key areas of strategic importance to managing the profit in every organisation.

These include areas such as whether the organisation is efficiently structured; what products or services are being offered now and are under development for the future; how your market perceives you; what are you doing to ensure loyalty from your customers.

There are other areas relating to the equity value of your organisation. These are vital for your future. Yet many Board meetings miss these key areas completely.

What you don't know!

Most business people are passionate about their organisation. And they often believe they have enough of the answers to ‘get by’…until something goes wrong.

Many of my roles have been to rescue organisations who realised too late that there was a problem.

You have no idea what it is you don’t know!
No one expects the unexpected!

That’s why having someone who’s well trained and been ‘around the block’ can be a tremendous asset to you in ways you may not realise until it’s too late.

Equity Value Added

Workshop Delegates Trained

Organisations Advised


Great victories are won by great strategies.

Does your Business have great strategies?

The role of the Board is to drive the future value and direction of the business and yet too often it is seen as a necessary and unwelcome obligation.

Turn your Board into a highly effective asset that drives the future value of investment in your Company.

Nick Winton acts as Non-Executive Director and Chairman to maximise equity value and safeguard your investment.

See his 17 Secrets to Increased Equity Value here…


Nick’s technical and practical skills have been developed over more than 40 years and have contributed to his reputation.

He is renowned for simplifying situations and providing genuine knowledge and insight to help resolve even the most complex business problems.

His clients appreciate how he intuitively grasps issues with confidence and adds tangible value to every person with whom he works.

Contact Me

Based in the Thames Valley, Nick is frequently in London and has clients around the world.

Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK
 +44 7776 238 967